Short techno eurorack jam – Exocomp #7

In this short techno eurorack jam I decided to see how the the Zorlon Cannon would work for hi hats. Then I built a quick techno patch around it for fun.

High level patch notes:
– kick = Entity BDS / High Gain
– snare = Entity Percussion / Echophon
– hi hats = Zorlon Cannon / Topobrillo Multifilter
– noise = Sapèl white noise / three sisters
– chord bell – pinged TwinPeak
– Bass = E352 / SSSR AWS

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Live Eurorack Modular Session – Exocomp #6

Slow and heavy session with quite a bit of trippy blips. No post processing, all modular.
Some simple patch notes:
* Kick = SSF Entity BDS – Snazzy FX HI Gain – Echophon – Three Sisters feedback loop
* Snare = SSF Entity Percussion – Snazzy FX HI Gain – Morphagene in Time Lag Accumulation mode – Erbe-Verb
* Hats = DPO – Sapèl Noise – Three Sisters hi pass
* Bass pad = Synth Tech E352 – Erbe-Verb
* Blips snd crackles = Benjolin

Double Entity

Used a DPO and noise to create a liquid FM Hi Hat run into the Morphangene using time lag accumulation. SSF Entity BDS further distorted by SnazzyFX Hi Gain as well as SSF Percussion snare. SynthTech E352 on pad duties.

Pon Farr Sex Club

Dark ambient live eurorack modular performance for Strange Stage at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn, NY on 2.23.2018

Eurorack Modular Performance System – Exocomp #5

For this short session I was testing out the functionality of Argos Bleak, an impressive quantizer from Industrial Music Electronics.

Live Eurorack Modular Performance – The Clamp

Turn down the lights, put on some good headphones, relax and watch last nights live eurorack modular performance on 10.27.2017 for Strange Stage @ Muchmore’s in NYC

Live Eurorack Modular Session – Stars Die

Live eurorack modular session testing my performance system.

The pad was done with two WMD/SSF Spectrum VCOs 4 waveforms out to Blender with the X-Fade modulated by a sine wave from one of the Spectrums. The Blender output to Ultrafold with fold turned up and an inverted envelope lowering the fold amount on each gate. Into a Pole-Zero modulated by the same env but positive CV.

Eurorack Modular Drum Machine – Tesseract Test #4

A eurorack modular drum machine test.

This is number four in a series of eurorack modular drum machine tests. Specifically, I test the Varigate8+ and the Voltage Block.  I use different step lengths on the Varigate8+ to create polymetric phrases. Additionally, I use the Voltage Block to create many timbres from single modules.

You can find more examples of Tesseract (my modular drum machine) here

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