Eurorack Modular Performance System – Exocomp #2

Eurorack Modular Performance System Test.

In this video I put Exocomp, a new configuration of my eurorack modular performance system, through further tests.  This system was created through multiple reconfigurations of Tesseract, my modular drum machine.

Eurorack Modular Drum Machine – Tesseract Test #4

A eurorack modular drum machine test.

This is number four in a series of eurorack modular drum machine tests. Specifically, I test the Varigate8+ and the Voltage Block.  I use different step lengths on the Varigate8+ to create polymetric phrases. Additionally, I use the Voltage Block to create many timbres from single modules.

You can find more examples of Tesseract (my modular drum machine) here

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