do while echo #1

This session started as a learning moment with the Makenoise Telharmoinc. I built the patch around a minor chord progression. The bass is the Makenoise DPO run through a feedback patch using the Synthesis Technology E580 & E560. The percussive element is the Makenoise STO run through the SSSR AWS, Makenoise Echophon & Intellijel Springray. This element was also clocked by the Echophon enabling a constantly shifting tempo. Generally speaking the entire patch was connected in a feedback network of CV and clocks.

Gravimetric Distorsion for Disquiet Junto 0373

This was done for the Disquiet Junto weekly project disquiet0373. It was composed entirely on a small 7u eurorack modular synth. Recorded in a single take in stereo with absolutely no post processing.

The heart of the patch is 3 random sources in a complex web of feedback patching. Each modulation source was affected by another in an interlocking generative system. Inspired by the somewhat famous “krell” patch, but expanded and iterated upon. The main sound source was the Piston Honda MKIII through a Three Sisters filter. There are two secondary sounds coming the Hertz Donut MKIII, one though an LxD and the other through a regular VCA. This is all summed and then multed to two final VCAs each independently controlled by different envelopes. Those are routed into the left and right channels of a micro clouds which is also under somewhat heavy modulation.

I really enjoyed this exercise as I so often make somewhat tonal music that is on a grid. I decided to leave both of those behind to delete my inherent cognitive bias toward human music production.

50% 0ff

This was done on a small 7u modular synth using only the Hertz Donut MKIII as the main sound source. All sounds heard come from and start with he HDIII. Each track was recorded separately in real time. I did almost no post processing and a very small amount of eq and edits were made.

Entity Percussion Synth FM Study

For this quick patch I was focused on testing out the FM capabilities of the SSF Entity Percussion Synthesizer. I ran a Bubblesound VCOb triangle wave into the FM input on the SSF PS. Then I proceeded to manually adjust the frequency of the VCOb and the FM attenuverter on the PS.

exocomp #8 – velocity experiments with eurorack

This patch uses a slow tempo and heavy distortion but with some feel.   Recently I’ve been pushing myself to incorporate more dynamic range. So I acquired the Winter Modular Eloquencer.  The Eloquencer’s large amount of CV outs offer opportunity for eurorack velocity experiments.  While the CV values are displayed in note values, the individual is not limited to using that voltage for pitch.  Modules that have amplitude CV control, like a VCA or drum module, can use this voltage to control the volume. Sequencing the CV steps with  different values can yield remarkably more rhythmic and musical pieces.

Short techno eurorack jam – Exocomp #7

In this short techno eurorack jam I decided to see how the the Zorlon Cannon would work for hi hats. Then I built a quick techno patch around it for fun.

High level patch notes:
– kick = Entity BDS / High Gain
– snare = Entity Percussion / Echophon
– hi hats = Zorlon Cannon / Topobrillo Multifilter
– noise = Sapèl white noise / three sisters
– chord bell – pinged TwinPeak
– Bass = E352 / SSSR AWS

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Double Entity

Used a DPO and noise to create a liquid FM Hi Hat run into the Morphangene using time lag accumulation. SSF Entity BDS further distorted by SnazzyFX Hi Gain as well as SSF Percussion snare. SynthTech E352 on pad duties.

Casper Electronics Soft Pop Electro Blueberry Jam

A very fun, first patch with the Soft Pop.

In this first patch, the Casper Electronics Soft Pop is processing an electro beat.  I found the interface incredibly intuitive after only 10 minutes. Most noteworthy, there are no effects, all sounds beyond the beat, are the Soft Pop. Consequently, The soft-pop is a keeper and a fine addition to my studio.

Eurorack Modular Performance System – Exocomp #5

For this short session I was testing out the functionality of Argos Bleak, an impressive quantizer from Industrial Music Electronics.